The Humane Society of Wickenburg spends between $100 and $200 for each animal that is put up for adoption.  These costs are for the items listed below only.  Not calculated is the cost of food, medicine (if necessary), staff salaries, utility bills, etc.

Behavorial Training if needed

Micro chip

Pet ID Tag

Screening for Feline Leukemia and Aids

Age appropriate vaccinations

Based on this it is clear to see that we "lose" money on every adoption.  However, we are not in the business to make money on our adoptions.  We are in the business to find the best homes for each and every one of our animals.

Adoption Price List


Puppies (2 months – 12 months)                       $125

       Dogs (1 year and older)                              $100

       Senior Dog (7+) to Senior Human (55+)      $50


       Kittens (2 months – 12 months)                  $125

       Cats (1 year and older)                               $100

       Senior Cat (7+) to Senior Human (55+)       $50



Return Policy: At HSW we strive to place animals appropriately in their forever homes.  We assess each animal prior to placement. We interview potential adopters and their existing animals whenever possible.  Most transition problems can be dealt with easily if we are made aware of them!  Please call immediately if there is anything that concerns you or need help: 928-684-8801.  If you ultimately decide that this pet is not suited to you and your family, we will do our best to take them back. Please understand that due to space limitations, this may not be able to happen immediately.  We are a non-profit-funded by donations and cannot offer you an adoption fee refund if you opt to relinquish your pet.

The Adoption Process:

Adoption counselor interviews all potential adopters.   A home check may be required prior to approval.

Once an animal is selected, an adoption application must be completed and processed. Renters must provide proof that they are allowed animals where they live and their landlord’s approval and/or disclosure if there are any breed restrictions.

  • All family members (including animals) are given a chance to interact with the animal.
  • An adoption contract needs to be completed.
  • The Humane Society of Wickenburg reserves the right to decline any adoption at any time.

Slumber Party:

If you're looking to adopt a pet, a pet slumber party may help you choose the right one!

We are now offering Slumber Parties to potential adopters that would like to take a dog or cat home for a few days to see how it’s going to work out prior to adoption.

This is great especially for the pets that don’t show well in a shelter environment. To participate in this program you must provide a deposit fee of $25.00 for dogs and $40.00 for cats. The larger deposit fee for cats is because we test every cat for FELV/FIV. If you decide to adopt the animal after the slumber party the deposit fee goes towards your adoption fee. If you decide NOT to adopt the shelter animal the deposit fee will NOT be returned.

If you chose not to adopt the animal, the slumber parties help the Humane Society Wickenburg find out more information about the animal, and this helps us match them up with the right family in the future!




We are a No Kill shelter, meaning animals are not euthanized to make space for new animals.  Animals are accepted on a space-available basis and an agreeable temperament.   All animals are adopted into permanent homes with the exception of those deemed highly aggressive or animals that are very ill.   Do not bring your animal to the shelter without first making arrangements with our staff.

When you surrender your pet you will be asked to complete paperwork.  This is done so that we know as much about your pet so that we can best match him or her to its new forever home.  Examples of questions asked include:  does your pet get along well with young children?  Does it get along with other cats (or dogs)?  Is it current on all its vaccinations?   The last question is so that we do not over vaccinate the animal. 

Arizona Law states that if you have been caring for an animal (stray or otherwise) after 6 days you are considered the legal owner. (Title 11 Section 1001)

We alter, inoculate, micro-chip, care for and feed all animals that we take in until we can find them their forever home. Your relinquishment fee in no way covers the cost of these things, but it does offset some of these expenses.

  • The fee to relinquish an animal or litter to the Humane Society of Wickenburg is $40.
  • If there are more than 5 puppies or kittens in a litter the fee will increase to $75.
  • If it is the mother and her litter the fee is $100.
  • All medical records must be included.
  • An initial assessment will be performed prior to acceptance and the Humane Society of Wickenburg offers no guarantee that we will accept an animal.

Abandoning an animal on the premises after hours is a prosecutable offense and will be pursued.