Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hours the Humane Society of Wickenburg is open to the public?
A: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm. We are closed Sunday and Monday.  Often staff is onsite during closed hours, but they are checking off a long list of “to do’s” for the shelter and animals between our open hours.

Q: Is the Humane Society of Wickenburg a "no-kill shelter"?
A: We do not euthanize for space.  All animals are evaluated for medical and temperament problems.  Some animals arrive too sick, too severely injured or too horribly abused to be medically rehabilitated.  They are humanely euthanized to prevent suffering.  Animals with severe behavioral and/or temperament problems that constitute a safety risk to people or other animals may be euthanized after evaluation.  Again, we never euthanize animals to make space for more.  Since we do not euthanize for space, please understand, we may be at capacity and there is often a surrender waiting list.

Q: I can not keep my pet. Can I bring it to the shelter for adoption by another family?
A: We recommend that you surrender your pet to a shelter only as your last option.  Notify friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers that you need to find a new home for your pet.  This type of networking can have positive results.  If you must surrender your pet to a shelter, there will be paperwork to complete and a donation to help cover the costs of providing care for the animal.  You will be asked important questions about why you must relinquish your animal as well as information about the pet and its behavioral and medical history.  Once the animal is surrendered, it becomes the legal property of the shelter and no information will be released to you regarding the status of the animal.  Animal surrenders are by appointment only.  Due to our limited capacity, the shelter operates from a waiting list.

Q: Does the Humane Society of Wickenburg offer euthanasia services?
A: No. Contact a local veterinarian at either Bar S Animal Clinic (928) 684-7846, Wickenburg Veterinary Clinic (928) 684-7866, or Hassayampa Veterinary Services (928) 684-3070.

Q: My pet died. Can the HSW dispose of it?
A: No. Again, contact a local veterinarian for this service.

Q: Does my pet need a license?
A: Yes. All dogs older than three months must be licensed by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  Cat licenses are not mandatory, but may be purchased as well.  For more information, call the Town of Wickenburg Animal Control at (928) 684-5411, Maricopa County Animal Control at (602) 506-PETS or Yavapai County Animal Control at (928) 639-8100.

Q: My neighbor’s dog barks constantly.  What can I do about this problem?
A: Contact your local police or the sheriff’s department to handle barking dog complaints because they may be a violation of the noise nuisance ordinance.

Q: There are stray or feral cats in my neighborhood.  Will the HSW remove them?
A: No.  However, the HSW does have a feral cat program known as Trap/Neuter/Return ("TNR").  TNR means that a feral or unowned cat is humanely trapped in a box trap.  Once caught the cat is taken to a veterinarian where it is spayed or neutered, given a rabies vaccination and its left ear is tipped one-quarter of an inch.  The ear tip is a nationally recognized identification of a feral cat that has been spayed or neutered.  Once the cat has recovered from this procedure it is returned to where it was living.  A volunteer is found that will monitor the cat for the rest of its life to ensure that it is provided food, water and shelter.  That volunteer will also contact HSW should another cat join the colony so that it too, can be TNR'd. Our mission is to slowly and humanely reduce the numbers of feral cats in our community.  This service is active from late October through early April.

Q: May I adopt an animal as a gift for someone else?
A: No.  It is strongly recommended that people pick their own animals to adopt. Adoption is a personal decision and all potential adopters are carefully screened to ensure that the pet and adopter are a good match. If you are considering adopting a pet as a gift, we recommend that you purchase a HSW Gift Certificate.

Q: Is the HSW part of another humane society?
A: No. We are a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization funded entirely by grants and donations and receive no other financial assistance.

Q: What do you do with your funding?

A: We are very careful with our stewardship responsibility. Besides operating costs of utilities, labor, veterinarian services, etc. donations extend our reach to service our community with spay and neuter vouchers (when funding is available) for those who otherwise could not afford to do so, educational programs, maintenance of the feral cat   (trap-neuter-return) program, micro-chipping and crisis food availability for those in need and more. Also donations directly impact our ability to provide food and shelter for dozens of on-site animals while finding their forever homes.