Spay and Neuter Assistance

Contact us to schedule an appointment for assistance with spay/neuter. We work with a low cost spay/neuter clinic in Surprise, AZ. This is an on-going program and if needed we provide assistance with transportation to and from the clinic since it is located in Suprise, AZ. The clinic is able to provide sterilization to cats and dogs 5 years of age and younger at low cost. If sterilization is needed for a dog or cat over the age of 5 there will possibly be an additional cost required. To spay/neuter a cat it is $30.00. To spay/neuter a dog it is $50.00. If you do NOT have vertification of rabies it will be an additional $18.00 for dogs & cats for a rabies vaccination.

We at the Humane Society of Wickenburg encourage you to patrionize any of the area veternarians for your pet's wellness.  However, we understand that for many the cost of a full service vet is not within your budget.  

We believe that part of responsible animal ownership includes spaying and neutering them to prevent unwanted litters as well as preventing genital cancers in the future.